Adult Frozen Costumes - Elsa

Adult Frozen Costumes Adult Frozen Costumes may just be more popular than they are for the kids. How many women do you know that wouldn’t absolutely LOVE to wear this amazing Ice blue gown based on the now infamous scene in Disney’s Animated Blockbuster “Frozen”? I absolutely love the way it so closely resembles Elsa’s gown when she transforms from the girl who is afraid of her power into a woman who claims it. While I love Elsa, I particularly found myself relating much more to Anna, being the ‘little sister’ in my family, I remember all to well trying to get my big sister’s attention. Anna’s love of life and adventure, her fearless confidence and soft heart won me over – even if she was…

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Best Electric Pressure Washer For Home Use

Best Electric Pressure Washer For Home Use Get addicted to cleaning your home! Choosing the Best Electric Pressure Washer for home use can be a great way to keep your home, patio and outdoor items looking great! Last year I decided I was tired of paying someone else to come and wash the black spots off the north side of my home, the residue of pine trees off the driveway and the oxidation off my patio furniture.  I decided on getting my own pressure washer so I could save some money in the long run. I purchased this GreenWorks Electric Pressure Washer from my local home improvement store, and I love it! I can’t believe how addicting these machines are!  I have cleaned my decks, patio furniture,…

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Frozen Costumes

Frozen Costumes Anna and Elsa Frozen costumes are going to be the Hottest Costumes of 2014.  Which one will reign as favorite?  Queen Elsa or Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen movie? Setting records for sales in several product lines, Frozen is definitely HOT when it comes to kids – and grown ups as well. The “Let it Go” song from the movie has gone viral, from little kids singing it, to a room full of US Marines going nuts watching the scene and singing along, you can be almost guaranteed this is going to be a hard costume to find the closer you get to Halloween. If you are even remotely considering Anna or Elsa as a costume idea this year, our suggestion is you…

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Real Mario Kart

Real Mario Kart Ride On Toy

Real Mario Kart Ride On For Toddlers Ever since the first Mario Kart  game came out on the Nintendo Game System in 1992, we dreamed of having our own Real Mario Kart to race around the neighborhood on. Finally!  That dream is a reality – well, if you weigh less than 70lbs that is. Just imagine how adorable it will be to have your little one rockin the road like Mario.   This 6V will have them crushing the competition on their very own Rainbow Road or Moo Moo Meadows. Okay – so they won’t be able to zoom around quite as fast as our beloved Mario – but seriously, does a 4 year old really need to be hauling it that fast? Your flower…

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Boys Room Ideas

Boys Room Ideas - Super Mario The Race is On Bedding

Finding Boys Room Ideas can be a challenge for parents. The personality of your son will play a huge role in making his room the place that he loves to hang out, play, do homework and of course sleep. We have compiled a variety of decorating themes for Boys rooms, from toddlers to teens and just about everything in between. For a Toddler boys room decor you can get by with most anything that they enjoy. Most love to have themselves surrounded by beloved characters from their favorite TV shows or toys. Themes from Disney, or Preschool Television are a pretty safe choice. There are also more interest related decorating ideas from cars and trucks, to a western or camouflage look. The possibilities for your…

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