Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments

Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments are one of my favorite decorations to adorn our Christmas Tree each year.

From the simplistic angels by Willow Tree, to the beautiful and intricate designs by Lenox or Mikasa, right down to the sweet and innocent Precious Moments.

Each angel I like to associate with the ‘angels’ all around me, whether in my every day life or in remembrance of loved ones that have moved on.

Christmas is a season of love, and memories of everything we have to be grateful for, the special people and the warm feelings when sharing the holidays with those who mean the most to us.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments, if you like them too, you could start your own collection of Angels to hang from the boughs of your holiday tree. Some styles would even look great sitting on a mantle or shelf, while others could hang in windows, or anywhere that you might need a little bit of angelic guidance to watch over you and your family.