Department 56 Halloween

Create Your Own Department 56 Halloween Village

Most everyone has seen the lovely Christmas villages people love to set up during the Christmas season, but did you know that you can do something just as awesome for Halloween?

Department 56 Halloween Village has a complete line of Halloween themed Houses, Shops, Hotels, and a Train Station.

Add in the Haunted Rails pieces plus a few landscape features to help you create a spooky little Halloween Village.

This Dept 56 line would be the perfect accent for a fireplace Mantle Decoration, a bay window or accent table top focal point.

The Pumpkin House Department 56 Lighted Building (Set of 2) (4030757)

Choose from spooky and scary to traditional Autumn Festival styles and create the kind of Dept 56 Halloween Village you’d just Love to Live in yourself.


Dept 56 Halloween Village

Lighted Village Homes and Buildings

A great way to start your Department 56 Halloween Village display is with a few of these spooky themed houses.  Varying in size from approximately 7 inches in size to over 10 inches.

When you decide on the location of your display – keep in mind how large these lighted homes and buildings are so you have plenty of room for accessories as you add to your collection.

Department 56 4025337 Snow Village Halloween from Department 56 Mordecai Mansion Lit House, 10.63-InchDepartment 56 4025340 Snow Village Halloween from Department 56 The Spider House Lit House, 8.27-InchDepartment 56 808988 Original Snow Village Halloween Screech Owl Farmhouse Lighted House 10.5-inchDepartment 56 Snow Village Harvest Farm Roadside SalesDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween Monsters Of The DeepDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween Gravely EstateDepartment 56 Snow Village Haunted Tower ToursDepartment 56 4025341 Hilda’s Witch Haunt Lit House, 7.1-InchHalloween Village from Dept. 56 Lot 13, Crystal Lake

Department 56 Halloween Shops & Business Buildings

No village would be complete without some shops and businesses to line Main Street.

Find your favorite ghoulish grocer or the mortuary – with a few favorites – your village will start to feel more like your spooky dream world.

Department 56 Toads & Frogs Witchcraft HauntDepartment 56 The Haunted ChurchDepartment 56 Snow Village The Candy CauldronHalloween Snow Village from Department 56 Retching Pumpkin DinerDepartment 56 Original Snow Village Halloween Voodoo Lounge Lit HouseDepartment 56 4022811 Halloween Axel’s Costume Shop Lit House, 8.27-InchDepartment 56 Original Halloween Rusty’s Used Cars Lit HouseDepartment 56 Original Halloween Critter’s Pets & Pelts Lit HouseDepartment 56 Snow Village (56.54706) Grimsly’s GarageDepartment 56 Snow Village Hair Today, Gone TomorrowHalloween Village from Dept. 56 Grimsly Retirement HomeDepartment 56 Halloween Snow Village HOWL RadioDepartment 56 Snow Village Black Widow Dating ServiceDepartment 56 Snow Village Dr Lunatics LaboratoryDepartment 56 Snow Village Zeldas Wax MuseumDepartment 56 4025339 Halloween The Cave Club Lit House, 5.9-InchDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween Come In If You DareDepartment 56 4025338 Trv Louie Otherworldly Persons 6.89-Inch

See a Huge Department 56 Halloween Village Display on YouTube

Department 56 Haunted Rails Collectibles

The Department 56 Haunted Rails is a Halloween themed Railroad scene that you can use to accent your Dept 56 Halloween Village.

With The Haunted Rails Engine, Sleeper Car, Dining Car and Caboose and so much more – add more depth to the village’s appearance with the Haunted Rails accessories like the Rickety Railroad Station and the Haunted Rails Water Tower.

Department 56 Village Halloween Rickety Railroad StationHalloween Village Department 56 Rickety Railroad PlatformDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted Rails EngineDepartment 56 Snow Village Haunted Rails Sleeper CarDepartment 56 Village Halloween Haunted Rails Dining CarDepartment 56 Village Haunted Rails CabooseDepartment 56 Haunted Rails Crossng SignDepartment 56 Haunted Rails Water TowerHalloween Snow Village from Department 56 Git Offa My Train

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