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Disney Princess Costumes - Dress Up Trunk

Princess Costumes Girls

Disney Princess Costumes are a perfect choice for little girls Halloween costumes.


Every little girl who loves her favorite Disney Princess would love to be able to dress up and pretend to be ‘her’ for a day… or every day!

My four year old is a Disney Princess ‘fanatic’ she loves them all and every day her favorite princess changes.

Today she may be Cinderella, tomorrow – Rapunzel – and the day after that she is a Little Mermaid like Ariel.

If your daughter or granddaughter is like mine, then you might like to get her something like this great ‘trunk’ of Disney Princess Costumes shown above.  It has 21 dress up pieces inside and including the skirts and tops, headbands and a tiara. So, no matter what Princess costume she wants to wear – she can mix and match to be either Cinderella, Belle, Snow White or Aurora (or a combination of them all!)

That is one of the ‘best’ parts about the Disney Princess costumes – your little girl can use it not only at Halloween, but all year round when she wants to play dress up. From Ariel, The Little Mermaid, to Cinderella, and Snow White, and all the rest of the Disney Princess, costumes for all of them come in a variety of styles for little girls from infant to toddlers.

Disney Princess Costumes - Girls Princess Costumes

There are styles for big girls (and even adult sizes) for every young lady who dreams of castles and her prince charming to come and save the day. If you are looking for a more fancy dress Disney Princess Costume – I’ve compiled a great selection of my favorites from around the web – with a mindful eye to price, quality and the best deals this Halloween season.  Just click on your little Princess’ favorite to see a full selection of the best costumes for every age and style.

Beauty & The Beast Costumes

Beauty Beast Costumes - Belle Princess Belle, my favorite Disney Princess, and the ‘man’ of her dreams – The Beast.  Her costumes come in predominantly the signature yellow gown or a shorter style dress.

Available for every little girl – from infant to adult sizes.

Beast costumes for men are also available – and would make a terrific ‘couples costume’ duo.


Ariel Disney Princess Costumes

Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid Disney Princess. In shades of blue and seafoam green, tutu styles to full length ‘mermaid tail’ style gowns.

Available for every little girl – from infant to adult sizes.


Snow White Costumes

Snow White, The Disney Princess who started it all. In the classic red, blue and gold colors, your little girl can live the fairy tale and truly be the “fairest one of all”. Available for infant to adult sizes.




Princess Tiana Costume

Princess Tiana, The Princess who could turn even a frog into a prince. In the elegant soft shades of green and white, your little girl can show how beautiful a frog princess can be. Available for infant to adult sizes.




Disney Rapunzel Costume

Rapunzel, The Princess with the gorgeous, flowing golden hair. In the lavender, white and pink costumes, your little girl will love looking like her favorite princess, who has a real flair with a cast iron frying pan. Available for infant to adult sizes.



Cinderella Dress Up Costumes

Cinderella, one of the most beloved of all the princesses, the one who taught us that a dream is a wish your heart makes… In the light blue and white these costumes will make for a beautiful Halloween ‘ball’, great for a costume party or trick or treating down the block.



Princess Aurora Costume

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty another of the long time classic princesses, the one who taught us that some day our prince will come… In the pinks and fuschias these costumes will make for a beautiful Halloween princess style…. and I don’t think she’ll be going to sleep with all that candy!



Princess Merida – ‘Brave’ Costume

Brave Merida Costumes - child-courageous-forest-princess-costumeMerida, One of the newest Disney Princesses – inspiring the warrior princess in all of us! In the deep greens and aquamarine colors these costumes will make a strong statement about the strength and determination in every little girls heart.



Princess Jasmine Costumes

Princess Jasmine is one of my daughters favorite princesses, she makes her believe in flying carpets and genies that grant you wishes…. unfortunately I think “I” am supposed to be the genie! In the lilac and lavender shades these costumes will make any little girl a vision to behold.



Sofia The First Costumes

Sofia The First is Disney Jr’s Newest Princess on the scene, and she is a hit! A young but very caring and wise girl who much like Cinderella became royalty because her Mother married the King. In the light purple and white colors these costumes are adorable for any little fan of the New Sofia The First Series on Disney Jr. transparent-png475wx50h



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