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Dr Who Costumes - Doctor Professor Costume

Doctor Who Costumes

Dr Who Costumes, if trends are as accurate as they have been in the past, are probably going to be pretty popular this year.

Doctor Who?  Just who is this Dr. Who?  Recently I’ve seen so many products being shared on Facebook about this Doctor Who.  And frankly, I have no clue just who this Dr. Who is.

In fact, I just saw a post this morning by a friend, sharing an article about a Dr. Who themed restaurant opening in New York City.  Now I used to live in New York, and I know that the restaurant business is very competitive in NY.  For someone to open a themed restaurant around this mysterious Doctor Who, I know it has to be HUGE.

I have friends who think I live under a rock because I just don’t know about the Dr. or the Tardis, the Dalek or the Companions.  They may as well be speaking a foreign language.

So, not liking this being out of the loop on all things current and popular ( and apparently Doctor Who is VERY popular ) I had to do some checking on this Dr. Who dude.

First stop in my ride in the Tardis – Wikipedia.  Here I learned a lot about the show and how it is a British show produced by the BBC.  And I was stunned to learn that it has been around even longer than me, (it first aired in 1963) and I’m older than dirt.  Well, guess The Doctor is too then.  How could I not have been exposed to this before now? I guess I must really live under a rock.

So, while I go check out Netflix and see if I can find a season or twenty to watch, you can check out some of these Doctor Who Costume ideas I found.  Since it is so popular right now, it looks like there may be quite a few characters that would make an awesome and trendy costume for all you “Whovians” out there.

See you in the Tardis!

Doctor Who Costumes

So if you’re a bigger fan than me after discovering Dr. Who – Then you might just decide to dress as one of the many Dr. Who Doctors.  Here is some of the more popular Doctor Who costumes we could find for men.

For Him

Dr. Who Men’s JacketDoctor Professor CostumeDr. Who Bowtie And Fez Set

 For Her

Doctor Who David Tennant Tenth Doctor Costume DressDoctor Who Her Universe TARDIS Costume DressDoctor Who Her Universe Eleventh Doctor Costume Dress

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Doctor Who Costume Accessories

Dr. Who the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and FlashlightDoctor Who Vortex Manipulator and Sonic ScrewdriverDoctor Who – The Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver6′ Doctor Who Scarf Costume AccessoryRed Fez with Red Tassle HatDoctor Who-Officially Licensed-Adjustable Bad Wolf RingDoctor Who 4th Doctor Hat BrownDoctor Who Tardis Necktie Costume Accessory Licensed 444381 Brand NewDoctor Who- Exterminate- Wristband

Find More Doctor Who Costume Ideas

Who is Doctor Eleventh 11th Dr. Purple Wool Frock Coat Costume By CharmingcocoDoctor Who Costume Eleventh 11th Dr. Purple Winsome Latest Frock Coat By Happy-time (XL-Man)Doctor Who Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor’s Purple Frock Coat Cosplay Costume MediumTrust Vendor Cosplay Costume Tenth Doctor’s Brown Long Jacket Outfit,Men-LargeThe Fourth Doctor Coat Who Is Dr Tom Baker Costume Treach Coat Party ClothingRubies New Mens 4Th Doctor Who Suit Fancy Dress Costume Adults Party OutfitDeluxe Doctor Who 4th Doctory Adult Bathrobe, brown/multicolor, one size fits mostDoctor Who Cosplay Costume The 5th Dr Beige Trench Coat Red Strip (Male S)The 9th Doctor Cosplay Costume Black Artificial Leather Jacket Coat (Male L)

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