Inflatable Halloween Decorations – Spooky Fun Outdoor Decor!

Inflatable Halloween Decorations - Gemmy Witches with Cauldron

Halloween Inflatable Decorations

What is the easiest way to decorate for Halloween? Instant Halloween Air-blown Inflatable Decor!

If you’re looking to decorate your yard for Halloween this year, but don’t have a lot of time, then we have a perfect solution for you!

Outdoor Inflatable Halloween decorations are large airblown figures that will be a great way to add some Halloween fun, without too much effort.

The fun inflatable Halloween decorations are so simple to set up.  All you have to do is  just spread them out, stake them down and plug them in.

Within minutes you have a Halloween themed house and yard that will have the kids in awe, and the parents of those trick or treaters wishing they had done the same!

From the Giant Ghost Pirate Ship shown below to simple inflatable pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, there are many styles and sizes to choose from, and all you have to do is choose the spot in your yard to set it up, tether it down with the anchoring stakes and plug it in.

We set ours up on a timer, and then when it comes time to turn them on – it does it all by itself. The only time we have to mess with our decorations is when putting them out for the first time, and when taking them down to store in the shed until next year.

Add an eerie glow to your lawn this fall with Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Decorations.

Seven Foot Halloween Inflatable Skeletons Ghost Ship

7 Foot Inflatable Pirate Ship with Skeleton Crew7 Foot Inflatable Pirate Ship with Skeleton Crew

Large Inflatable Halloween Yard Decorations

When you really really REALLY want to make a huge statement in the neighborhood, or if you just love Halloween decorating as much as we think you do, you’re going to go nuts over some of the newest inflatable Halloween decorations available.

The best part about the inflatable Halloween decorations is that they are so simple to work with.  No finding hay bales, corn stalks, or making a scarecrow mess.  And NO Rotting Pumpkins!

The beauty is in the no muss, no fuss when you choose to decorate with them. Within minutes your yard is hauntingly ready for all the little Halloween ghouls and witches, as well as the princesses and zombies.


7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Skeleton on Train 2013 Yard Decoration7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Skeleton on Train 2013 Yard Decoration7 Foot Tall Illuminated Halloween Inflatable Headless Horseman with Tombstones7 Foot Tall Illuminated Halloween Inflatable Headless Horseman with Tombstones7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Pirate Ship with Skeletons Crew Skull Decoration7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Pirate Ship with Skeletons Crew Skull DecorationGemmy Inflatable Animated Ghost Rider Hot Rod with CrowGemmy Inflatable Animated Ghost Rider Hot Rod with Crow

Medium Sized Inflatable Halloween Decorations

When you want to make a ghoulish inflatable display, these medium-sized airblown inflatables may be the perfect option for your yard this Halloween.

The medium-sized inflatables are much less expensive than the Large Inflatables shown above, so you can buy two or more to spread the spooky fun out in your yard for about the same cost.

Pumpkin with GhostsPumpkin with GhostsAirblown Animated WitchesAirblown Animated WitchesSkelly Racer Airblown InflatableSkelly Racer Airblown InflatableInflatable Black CatInflatable Black CatAnimated Spinning Ghost in PumpkinAnimated Spinning Ghost in PumpkinGrey Gargoyle AirblownGrey Gargoyle Airblown

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Tall Airblown Inflatable Halloween Decorations

When we lived in a townhouse, our yard was not much more than a ten foot square of grass and I hated that I couldn’t decorate the way I wanted to.  Huge inflatable Halloween decorations were simply not going to fit.

Then I found a tall airblown inflatable that didn’t take up such a big amount of square footage, but the height made it the perfect style that worked out perfectly.  Below are some of the more popular tall inflatable Halloween decorations available this year.

8ft Dead Tree w/Owl, Ghost +Pumpkins8ft Dead Tree w/Owl, Ghost +PumpkinsAirblown Slender Pumpkin StackAirblown Slender Pumpkin StackAirblown Animated Reaper 12'Airblown Animated Reaper 12′Airblown Dragon Fire ProjectionAirblown Dragon Fire ProjectionAirblown Light Draped GhostAirblown Light Draped GhostGiant MonsterGiant Monster

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