Knapsacks & Backpacks for Little Kids

Knapsacks and Backpacks for Little Kids - Skip Hop Zoo Owl

Knapsacks or Backpacks For Little Kids – Grade School

Finding the right sized backpack or knapsack for your grade school child or toddler heading off to preschool can be a daunting task.

When the school year starts, you are uncertain as to how many books and supplies your son or daughter will have to cart around every day.

While you don’t want to overload their growing bodies, you also want to be sure that there is ample room for storing their daily school needs.

We’ve found the best designs, the most popular looks, and the most appropriate sized knapsacks and backpacks for little kids of grade school and preschool ages.

Choose from backpacks for little kids in styles with wheels or traditional backpack designs, always keeping in mind your individual child’s needs.

Rolling Backpacks for Heavy Loads

When your young student has a teacher who loves to dole out homework and they need to carry around heavy textbooks and binders, a rolling backpack is probably the best way to go.

With the ability to roll the backpack along behind them instead of carrying the weight of all those books on their backs, it is more convenient, and easier on the growing body of a young child.

Below is an assortment of the best rolling backpacks for little kids.

Grade School Sizes

J World Light-Up Wheels Rolling PinkCheck PriceJ World Light-Up Wheels Rolling PurpleCheck PriceJ World Light-Up Wheels Rolling BlackCheck PriceJ World Rolling Backpack with Lunch BagCheck PriceJ World Rolling Backpack with Lunch BagCheck PriceJ World Rolling Backpack with Lunch BagCheck Price

For Preschool Kids:

Thomas and Friends Medium (Toddler) Sized Rolling BackpackCheck PriceStarpoint Girls 2-6X Hello Kitty 16 Inch Rolling BackpackCheck PriceSkip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Owl (also dog, monkey or ladybug)Check Price

Preschool Backpacks

Nothing is more exciting for some kids, and scary for other children than heading off to Day Care or Preschool for the first time.

With a book bag or knapsack that is fun and filled with familiar items from home, the most anxiety ridden child will be able to find comfort, and the more outgoing ones will Love having their favorite book bag to show off to their new friends.

Here is a great selection of smaller sized, fun themed packs for those venturing off to school or day care for the first time.

Wildkin Big Dots Aqua Sidekick BackpackCheck PriceDisney Fairies %u201CRainbow Magic%u201D Mini BackpackCheck PriceCrocodile Creek Pocket Backpack – PrincessCheck PriceSkylanders Spyro’s Adventure %u201C3D Trio%u201D BackpackCheck PriceCrocodile Creek Race Car Pocket BackpackCheck PriceDisney Cars %u201CRacing Sports Network%u201D BackpackCheck Price

Knapsacks And Backpacks for 2nd & 3rd Grade Boys

When your child reaches the experienced age of 7 or 8 years old, they know the ropes and want to stand out among their friends. The age of self expression begins and they don’t hesitate to let everyone know exactly what they love and what makes them happy.

This selection of packs takes into consideration the growing desire to express their own personal style, their interests and of course, the style and design needed to accommodate additional workload of an experienced grade schooler.

Under Armour Boys’ UA Storm Backpack One Size Fits All SCATTERCheck PriceMarvel Avengers Boys Backpack (Hulk, Superman, Thor, Ironman) 16″Check PriceSkylanders Spyro’s Adventure Boy’s BackpackCheck PriceJohn Deere by Scene Weaver Yellow and Green BackpackCheck PriceQuiksilver Boys 8-20 Subsonic Backpack, Comp Word Stripe NavyCheck PriceBackpack – Nintendo – Super Mario – Kart 16Check PriceLEGO ChimaCheck Price16″ Lego Star Wars BackpackCheck PricePastry Undercover BackpackCheck Price

Knapsacks & Backpacks for 2nd & 3rd Grade Girls

Girls have a style all their own, whether they love the princesses or absolutely despise them, there is something ‘girly’ they love (yes, even the tomboys!) Whether its butterflies, rainbows, shooting stars or just something wild and colorful, There is a backpack or knapsack your little girl will love.

We’ve chosen from the best selling, and most popular styles of backpacks and knapsacks for little girls and offer you this selection below.

Citisport Classic BackpackCheck PriceThe North Face Recon SquashCheck PriceAirbac Groovy BackpackCheck PriceSanrio Kuromi Black & Pink BackpackCheck PriceYak Pak Heart Spiralia Mini BackpackCheck PriceWildkin Crackerjack Majestic BackpackCheck PriceWildkin Horses BackpackCheck PriceCrocodile Creek Horse BackpackCheck PriceWildkin Serious Leopard BackpackCheck Price