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Mens Halloween Costumes - Captain Jack SparrowCostume Ideas for Men

Trying to find good Mens Halloween costumes ideas can be daunting. Some men just aren’t the costume type – they think it ‘unmanly’ to get dressed up. For other guys that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Whether you’re a guy who is secure in his manhood wearing something like a pair of Captain America tights or not, there are so many mens Halloween costumes ideas that you can choose from that won’t make you feel self-conscious or even less manly.

Not into the superhero look? How about something fun and crazy like Super Mario? Or maybe something bad-ass like a Gladiator or The Lone Ranger?

We’ve compiled a great selection of costumes for men, depending on your level of courage and ability to let it ‘all hang out’ ( not literally guys!) There are superheroes, villains, crazy and just some awesome manly selections.


Our Top Pick For Mens Halloween Costume

Mens Halloween costumesMassive Mobster Mens CostumeCheck Price


The Massive Mobster is just too cool for Mens Halloween costumes.

Be larger than life with this classic bad-ass mobster look.

With the inflatable shoulders, mask and pin-striped jacket, and pants, all you need to add is a tommy gun and the shoes.

Be a tough guy this Halloween – nobody will mess with the Massive Mobster.


More Bad-Ass Mens Halloween Costumes

Want to be a real bad ass? ¬†Here are our top four picks in the ‘awesome’ category for this Halloween.

Men’s Dark Mad Hatter CostumeCheck PriceWalking Dead Rick Grimes Mens CostumeCheck PriceLone Ranger Mens CostumeCheck PriceCaptain Jack SparrowCheck Price


If Fun is More Your Style…

If you’re not the bad-ass tough guy type, then maybe a little something that lets you just be wild and maybe even a little silly. These Mens Halloween Costumes are a bit more comical than tough, but everyone loves a good laugh!

Ted Bear Movie CostumeCheck PriceKick Ass Basic Adult Mens CostumeCheck PriceInflatable Ballerina Adult CostumeCheck PriceMario Bros. Deluxe Adult CostumeCheck PriceAdventure Time Ice King Adult CostumeCheck PriceSuper Hoops Adult Mens CostumeCheck Price


Still not sure? Here’s more great costume ideas

The selections below are some of the top-selling men’s costumes from – one of the most trusted online costume retailers.

Available in regular and Plus Sizes in many cases…

The Dictator – Admiral General Aladeen Track Outfit Adult Costume

Mortal Kombat Raiden Adult Costume

The Blackest Night Zombie Robin Adult Costume

Assassins Creed Ezio Adult Plus Costume

Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Deluxe Adult Costume

Punisher Adult Plus Costume

Punisher Adult Costume

GI Joe Cobra Commander Movie Adult Plus Costume

GI Joe Cobra Commander Movie Adult Costume

X-Men Gambit Adult Plus Costume

X-Men Gambit Adult Costume

Uncle Sam Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume

Uncle Sam Elite Collection Adult Costume

Mr. Garden Gnome Elite Collection Adult Costume

Iron Man Bodysuit Adult Plus Costume

Iron Man Bodysuit Adult Costume

Captain America Bodysuit Adult Plus Costume

Captain America Bodysuit Adult Costume

Spider-man Bodysuit Adult Plus Costume

Spider-man Bodysuit Adult Costume

Evil Gnome Adult Costume

Shock Rock Zombie Adult Costume

X-Men First Class – Cyclops Adult Costume

X-Men First Class – Beast Adult Costume

Disney Mickey Mouse Adult Costume

Disney Cars Lightning Mcqueen Adult Costume

YouBoob (Mens) Adult Costume

Penguins of Madagascar Adult Costume

Green Hornet Adult Costume

Deadpool Classic Adult Costume

Fantasy Team Male Adult Costume

Ian Sane Adult Costume

Transformers Megatron Adult Costume

Transformers – Optimus Prime Super Deluxe Adult Costume

Roughneck Sailor Adult Costume

Not finding exactly the look you wanted? Try Searching these other trusted Costume Retailers for the perfect costume for your style.

Anytime Costumes

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