Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume – Robin Williams Halloween Tribute

Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume Ideas

Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume

Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween costume is a great idea for Robin Williams fans.

The movie Mrs. Doubtfire was released in 1993, and won an oscar for best makeup.  It wasn’t as well received at first as it has been since, but most who have watched this film can’t help but love it for all it represents.

Robin Williams portrayal of Daniel Hillard, a struggling out of work actor whose wife (Sally Field) thinks he is immature and irresponsible is fantastic.

He convincingly plays the part of the silly Dad, who loves his kids enough to go to great lengths to be able to spend time with them after a bitter divorce and custody battle.

I’m sure that there are many dads out there who can relate all too well to the frustration and the heartache associated with the legalities of divorce and custody – and trying to get your life together to be the kind of dad your kids deserve and need.

Never saw Mrs. Doubtfire?  You can check it out on Amazon Instant Video here: Mrs. Doubtfire (1993).

Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume Ideas

There are not any actual complete costumes sold in the style of Mrs. Doubtfire, but with some creativity and ingenuity, you can probably put together an awesome costume from the Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume ideas here and separate pieces easily found on sites like Amazon or your local stores.

To start, Mrs. Doubtfire has coiffed gray hair, and we found this great wig on Amazon that will help you get your Mrs. Doubtfire hair looking  just right.

There is also another option if you want the old woman face to go with it – There is a Supersoft Old Woman Mask Halloween Costume – it isn’t a ‘perfect’ match for Mrs. Doubtfire, but if you add the glasses, and the dress, you could make it work.

One of the most distinctive looks about Mrs. Doubtfire was her clothes.

She was always covered up in a most modest fashion.  After all, Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire is an older Scottish nanny, she is proper and exactly what an out of work actor needed to dress as to get to spend time with his kids. 

Here are some screen shots from the movie to give you some ideas of what to wear as part of your own rendition of Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume ideas.

Mrs. Doubtfire Costume IdeasMrs. Doubtfire’s clothes are quite fancy for the most part, and keep her covered up. After all it is really Daniel Hillard, and his manly arms and chest need to be just that – covered up.

We tried to find some dresses that would be fitting of our beloved Mrs. Doubtfire, but her style is one of a kind and considered quite ‘retro’ in 2014.  You might be better off searching your local thrift stores and second hand clothing stores to find just the perfect dress or skirt to make your Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween costume ideas look more authentic.  

Another great place to look? Mom or Grandma’s attic or closet!  I’m sure you couldn’t beat the price if you struck costume gold there.

Mrs. Doubtfire Costume Ideas 2

The last thing you need is the panty hose ( Knee High hose works!) To cover up those hairy legs, and some shoes – again you might be able to raid some closets or the thrift store, but shoes in Mom’s closet are not likely to fit a man.

Here are a few options that might work for you.  We chose only one style with a heel – understanding that most men would break an ankle trying to walk in heels.

Caricature Pump
Get Details
Classic Flat Shoe Lace Up Faux Suede OxfordGet DetailsBreckelles Oxford-88 Spectator Oxford-FlatsGet Details

While you want the costume to really look like Mrs. Doubtfire, unless you have some serious make-up artist friend or skills yourself, the look is really going to depend on how much effort you put it to it and your own natural looks.  If you don’t think you can pull off the look, there is no need to give up on paying tribute to Robin Williams – There are lots more costume ideas you can try.

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