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My Little Pony Ponyville

My Little Pony Ponyville

Every little girl who loves the My Little Pony line of toys will go crazy over these Ponyville Playsets and Ponies.

Fun designs and styles, and a variety of subjects for pretend play suitable for everything from a skating party or a tea party play date.

Let your little princess pretend to play with her ponies in a bubble gum house or mermaids under the sea.

The My Little Pony Ponyville series will entertain your favorite child for hours, with the added benefit of sparking imagination and creativity as they dream up fabulous pony scenarios and story lines.

Our five year old absolutely loves her My Little Pony Ponyville playsets, and probably has about 30 or more ponies that she will play with – sometimes while she is watching the show on television.

A couple of her favorites are in the selection of Ponyville Playsets below, but she plays with them with all her other toys, so sometimes the ponies are hanging out with Minnie Mouse and Daisy, or with the Fisher Price Dollhouse family.  I love to watch her imagination at work.  The ideas and logic developing as she pretends sometimes just floor me.

The two of her favorites that we own are shown just below – honestly, she can play with these toys for quite some time.  I always chuckle with who the ponies have been visiting that day.  But as long as she is having fun and stretching her imagination, it will always make my heart smile.

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle RC Car Vehicle

The My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle RC Car is lots of fun for our daughter – Why should boys get all the remote control toys?

She’ll pile more ponies in the car than it is designed for, or grab the neighbors (Minnie and Mickey) and overload the car, and giggle as she cruises them down the hallway and half of them fall out.

Why does this scare me when I think of her teen years and a trip with friends to the beach?

The car moves forward and turns as it backs up in reverse.  So it doesn’t take a lot of skill to work it.  The remote also plays the My Little Pony music as the car takes off down the road.  It needs batteries (5 AA to be exact) so you’ll want to get those too if you’re going to make it a present.

My Little Pony Applejack’s Sweet Apple Barn Playset

Applejack’s Sweet Apple Barn is another of our daughter’s favorites.  It has a lot of little accessories like a wagon and small rooster and a kitty to keep AppleJack company.  She can load up the wagon and hook up Applejack for a fun filled afternoon hayride, or just take some time to visit friends.

The playset comes with 1 Applejack pony figure and a kitten, rooster, wagon, hay bale, watering can, bucket, hat, saddle, apple, shovel, 2 carrots and some rope accessories.  Pretend play with Applejack has lots of work to do around the barn, but they won’t mind because work with Applejack is fun!

My Little Pony Ponyville Ponies

What makes these Ponyville Ponies different is their ‘itsy bitsy’ size. “Regular” sized My Little Pony figures stand probably about 2.5 – 3″ tall and have ‘hair’ for manes. The Ponyville Ponies are much smaller in size standing only about 1″ to 1.5″ and their mane is also made from molded plastic like the rest of the figure.

My Little Pony Ponyville – Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash And StarsongAmazon.comMy Little Pony PonyvilleMy Little Pony Ponyville Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and ScootalooAmazon.comMy Little Pony PonyvilleMy Little Pony HUB Friendship Is Magic – 4-pack PonyvilleAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville – Cheerilee, Toola-Roola, Rainbow DashAmazon.comMy Little Pony PonyvilleMy Little Pony Ponyville Celebrate Spring Cheerilee & Too-RoolaAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville Rollerskating Party With Pinkie PieAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville ~ Time to Bake with CheerileeAmazon.comMy Little Pony Sweetie Belle & Pinkie Pie Ponyville FiguresAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville Figure *Cook with Cheerilee*Amazon.comMy Little Pony: Ponyville > Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle’s Tricycle PlaysetAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville Playset – Pinkie Pie, StarSong, & ScootalooAmazon.comMy Little Pony: Ponyville > Pinkie Pie with Ice Cream Stand Figure SetAmazon.comMy Little Pony: Ponyville > Rainbow Dash Party Time Figure SetAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville Ready For Bed Pinkie Pie FigurineAmazon.comMy Little Pony: Ponyville > Sweetie Belle with Popcorn Cart Figure SetAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville Figure *A Day at the Park* Pinkie PieAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville – Celebrate with Pinkie Pie – BirthdayAmazon.comHairstyles in a Snap w/ Pinkie Pie, StarSong and

My Little Pony – Ponyville Play Sets

Pint sized My Little Pony Playsets are a lot of fun for My Little Pony fans.

Their ‘tiny’ size is great for portability and for playing when space is not readily available. Most playsets are small enough to take anywhere – which is one of the reasons our daughter ( who is three ) loves them.

When we go visit Grandma, she can take a couple of her playsets and all her ponies with her so being away from her room full of toys doesn’t have to be so ‘traumatic’. ( Yes, for a three year old she can be quite dramatic.)  Being so much smaller in size and easier to take along to Grandmas house or to play with while travelling in the car.

My Little Pony Ponyville Deluxe

My Little Pony – Ponyville Supermarket StoreAmazon.comMy Little Pony Mermaid Pony PlaysetAmazon.comMy Little Pony Ponyville Ferris Wheel PlaysetAmazon.comMy Little Pony – Ponyville – Sweetie Belle Gumball

My Little Pony Deluxe Playset –

My Little Pony Ponyville La-Ti-Da Hair & Spa Playset


Cheerilee Pony is primping and pampering herself at this pony-sized salon and spa playset!

Sit her in the hairdresser’s spinning chair and give her a makeover!

Change hairstyles in a snap with five different interchangeable pony “wigs” and complete the fashion makeover with the selection of funky shoes and skirts.

Give your pony pal a relaxing “bath” and a treat her to a ponyville good time in this stylin’ salon and spa!

Invite the rest of the Ponyville Ponies over for a Spa day for all!


Looking for a Playset not shown here?

Have you checked eBay?

You can find tons of My Little Pony Ponyville Play Sets on eBay and some for a steal of a deal! Here are some of the current auctions going on:

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Personalized My Little Pony Tee Shirts and Sweat Shirts

My Little Pony fans can get these and many more officially licensed designs from  What’s even better than a My Little Pony T-shirt or Sweatshirt? One that is personalize with their name or favorite My Little Pony quote.

Personalized Rainbow Dash T-ShirtPersonalized Applejack TeePersonalized Twilight Sparkle T-ShirtPersonalized Princess Celestia T-ShirtMy Little Pony, Fall ScenePersonalized Luna T-Shirt