Patch Adams Halloween Costume Ideas – Robin Williams Halloween Tribute

Patch Adams Halloween Costume Ideas - Robin Williams Tribute

Patch Adams Halloween Costume Ideas

Patch Adams Halloween Costume ideas are an easy way to pay homage to the comedic genius and the legacy of laughter delivered by actor Robin Williams.

The movie is based on the real life story of  Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, as he wrote about it in his book Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter and how he used humor in his medical practices with great results for his patients.

The movie was released on Christmas Day in 1998, and while many critics felt it fell short of greatness, Robin Williams’ fans begged to differ.  It opened as #1 in the box office and only fell to #2 after its first week and stayed there for four weeks.

The story of Patch Adams portrays that a Dr. does not have to be cold and clinical to treat his patients, and that humor and compassion are just as important in treating the sick as medicine and clinical treatments.

Robin Williams comedic excellence and his genuine character made this movie so easy to believe in for me, and millions of his fans as well.  If you have never seen the film you can watch it right now on Amazon Instant Video here : Patch Adams.

Patch Adams Halloween Costume Ideas

Just about anyone can pull off a great looking Patch Adams Halloween Costume.

The look is classic and fun, and would look fabulous on men, women or kids.

The basic items needed are simple like the plain long white Dr. coat shown below.  A red clown nose, and some clown shoes or a couple of makeshift bed pans on your feet.  ( I think I would opt for the clown shoes! )

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Of Course you need the Clown Nose!

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Then you can finish off the look with Awesome Clown Shoes – or Bed pans!

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For some finishing touches you might want to get a couple of long cotton swaps to use as antennae like in the photo above, and perhaps a stethoscope to wear around your neck.

The only other thing you need is a smile, a great sense of humor and people to make laugh!

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