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This St. Patrick’s Day, have your green beer and corned beef and cabbage in true St. Patrick’s Day style.

Get out your green and do the ‘pub crawl’ with your friends and loved ones, but make sure you’re well prepared!

Once the parade is over, that is when the REAL fun starts.

Everyone is decked out in their funky Green outfits, from the ‘basic’ Green T-Shirt, to the hats and big green glasses.

If you have crazy friends and family like we do, it won’t be long before you see giant green afro wigs and of course there is going to be guys in Kilts, girls in skimpy little leprechaun outfits and the party just gets more wild once the Green Beer gets to flowing!

If you haven’t got your Green for March 17th yet, there is still time… Just grab one of these great tees, an outrageous hat or go for the gusto and grab up that traditional kilt… yeah, the chicks love a guy in a kilt – especially if they are guessing what you’re wearing underneath!

St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

There is a great sale on T’s at – where you can find these great Irish Pride styles and 100’s more on sale.

They are running a great sale where you can get those adorable matching Shamrock PJ bottoms for only $12 when you buy your $17 St. Patricks Day Ts.

See the banner below to find out how you can get your Irish On in Cafepress Pj’s style!

St Patrick’s Day T-ShirtYou Can’t Drink All Day T-ShirtSt. Patrick’s Day Drinking Team

More Great Guys St. Patrick’s Day T’s from Amazon and Zazzle.

 St. Patrick’s Day Drinking TeamDETAILS St. Patrick’s Day Long Sleeve Tuxedo TDETAILS St Patrick’s Day
Lt Green T-Shirt
 Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky T-ShirtDETAILS


Green For The Ladies Too!

We girls can’t let the guys have all the fun!
Here are some great Tanks and T’s just for us – Get Your Green On Girls!
Here are My personal Favorite Tanks and T’s for the Girls from

Lucky Charm T-ShirtGod Bless Irish Racerback TankWomen’s Plus Size V-Neck T-Shirt

My Favorites on and

 Keep Calm and Leprechaun T-ShirtDETAILS Take Your Irish Eyes Off My Dublin DsDETAILS I don’t get DRUNK I get AWESOME TShirtDETAILS This Girl Loves St. Patrick’s Day T ShirtDETAILS

This Costume is Only For the Truly Brave Irishman
Who Doesn’t Mind Another Kind of Draft On St. Paddy’s Day!

 Gentlemans Kilt in Green

Great Sexy St. Patty’s Costumes for the Ladies Too!

The Lads don’t get to have all the dress up fun on St. Patricks Day…

Ladies – Shake em to their Shamrocks with one of these cute and sexy St. Patty’s Day Costumes!

Pretty Saint Patty AdultDreamgirl Women’s St. Patrick’s “Good Luck Charm” CostumeLuscious Leprechaun

Fun St. Patricks Day Costumes

Hat’s, Glasses and Other Silly Stuff

For some St. Patty’s party goers, it just ain’t a St Patricks Day Party without bringing on the ‘silly’ – you know those wild hats, glasses and mardi gras beads. You can find yours here too.
Do you dare to wear a hat and glasses – or do you just get drunk along with the ‘asses’?

 Erin Go Braugh Beanie HatDETAILS Leprechaun Hat & Orange BeardDETAILS Erin Go Braugh Beer Mug HatDETAILS Irish Shamrock Furry Bucket HatDETAILS Plush Leprechaun Hat
 St. Patrick’s Day Mini
Top Hat
 St. Patrick’s Day Braided HeadbandDETAILS St. Patrick’s Day – Green Sequin FedoraDETAILS

 Shamrock Beads Party Accessory (1 count)DETAILS Bucket O’ Beads 60pcsDETAILS Happy St Patrick’s Day Beads-Of-ExpressionDETAILS Beads W/St. Pat’s Shot Glass And Banner 39″DETAILS Elope Shamrock Rimless (Green)DETAILS Irish Lights Flashing Light Up Shamrock Glasses-St. Patrick’s DayDETAILS St.Patrick’s Day Shamrock Slotted ShadesDETAILS

 Green Glitz ‘N Gleam Bow Tie 4¼in. x 7inDETAILS Costume Accessory Green Flashing LED Bow TieDETAILS

Don’t forget the Irish Pub Songfest!

Be sure to Have Your Irish Playlist on Hand!

No Irish Drinking Party is complete without the sing alongs. Something about the green beer, the corned beef and cabbage and the camaraderi just brings out the karaoke in us.

Be sure that your St Patrick Day Celebration is complete with Irish Music.

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